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I am a Ph.D. candidate with the Department of Economics at the University of Arizona specializing in natural resource and environmental economics, economic history, and law and economics. I am well-versed in using big data, high-performance computing, GIS software and statistical packages.

I completed my undergraduate coursework at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in economics and environmental studies.


I originally became interested in social policy issues after studying and working in Australia. There, I focused on the impacts of Queensland's "Stolen Wages" policies on Indigenous well being and economic outcomes.


I also lived and worked in the Australian rainforest for a year conducting field work on climate change adaptation as the socio-economic intern for the School for Field Studies.


Before returning to academia, I worked for the Economic Cycle Research Institute in New York City forecasting recessions and recoveries for the U.S. and 19 countries internationally. I also conducted financial research related to business cycles.


For the last six years I have also served as a research affiliate for the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, housed in the Ash Center for Democratic Government and Innovation at Harvard University, and have provided research for various external projects relating to American Indian land and water rights.

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